Why Instagram?

Growing a new business online can be challenging. You can start a Facebook page, but without a budget for Facebook ads, you may not see the growth as quickly as you want. It’s so easy to be drowned out in a Facebook world where there are more than a billion users.

So where can you go to build a successful, thriving community?

My pick is Instagram.

If you’re new to Instagram, you may be wondering why Instagram? Thirty-two percent of internet users are on Instagram, according to PewResearch Center’s Social Media Update 2016. With 600 million users, you will be able find your ideal client and you can speak directly to them.

But it’s more than just the number of users. Instagram has incredibly high engagement rates. “Second only to Facebook in popularity, Instagram, according to a Forrester study, has a brand-engagement rate 58 times higher than Facebook’s. That’s huge.” (source)

But engagement isn’t the only important factor when it comes to Instagram – conversion (sales) is the key.

But think about it, if Instagram has an engagement rate that is 58 times higher than Facebook’s, Instagram’s conversion rates are going to be huge as well! As of 2016, “of the every 100 people who find you through Instagram, one makes a purchase. That’s the fourth highest conversion rate among social networking sites, and it’s growing.” (source)

So when you are ready to grow both your engagement AND your conversions, Instagram is where you need to be!

How I can help

I’m Desiree, former-government-contractor-and-business-owner-turned-direct-sales-marketer after my son received a serious medical diagnosis. Success in my direct marketing business, however, meant that I was starting to spend more and more time away from home, which defeated the purpose of being a work-from-home-mom!

I soon decided I wanted both the sense of value as well as my time back to devote to my family and cater to my son’s needs. But how can you have both?? It was time that I learned how to unleash the power of social media marketing in my business. In less than six months, I went from doing 90% of my business in other locations, to doing 90% of my business online. I could now do far less work from literally anywhere and my business continued to thrive.

I have since become Social Coach Desiree. My #1 goal in life is to help others succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I have shared my story and experience with social media marketing to others from all walks of life, from consultants in the direct sales world to some of the largest companies in the world like Coldwell Banker and Chick Fil AI have trained and empowered people from CEOs to the mom who is just trying to make ends meet, and helped them each gain the sense of pride and accomplishment that everyone deserves while opening doors into the possibilities of social media marketing that they never knew existed.


Group Coaching

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What group members are saying

“Desiree is a rockstar! She tells you all the secrets and gives you the tools to be successful! I absolutely love her and her trainings!”- Brandi Hogan

“Desiree is such a blessing to others. Her knowledge and teaching is a wonderful thing. i enjoyed being in her facebook class. it has really taught me ALOT. Thanks Desiree for all that you do and share with us.”- Rhonda Helm

“I’ve followed Desiree here on her page for several months and recently purchased her InstaSuccess Instagram Training course. I already knew that I trusted her advice and now I am even more impressed by her style of teaching and how genuine she is in wanting to help people grow their businesses through social media. Her heart and character truly make her stand out from the rest!”- Tracey Walton