Instagram by think social


The #ThinkSocial team can now help you manage your Instagram. If you are feeling overwhelmed by managing your account yourself we can help. We have two options that can help you.

We have a sample Instagram account to show you exactly how things can be shown on your feed.

We will show you styles of different Instagram presences that you can choose from. 

Instagram Plan

1- #ThinkSocial Plan

We will craft a plan for you to include hashtags, themes, caption ideas, bio update and much more! The plan will be presented to you and we will answer any questions you have about executing it.

Instagram plan and execute

2- #ThinkSocial Plan and Execute

Together we will create a plan for you and execute it for 30 days. You will provide lifestyle, product and other images for us to create a theme for you to have a strong presence on Instagram. Our execution will include monitoring hashtags, captions and light engagement if needed.


To get more information and possibly sign up to have us help you with your Instagram fill out this form below and check your email for details!