Check out these amazing brands that we have created recently! Each of these brands help to depict the personality of the client! Some love glitter, some foil, some are simple some are BOLD! What does your brand say about you? Which one of these brands speaks to you?

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You’re the best at knowing you. You know your products, your services, your company better than anyone else. You’ve got something people need to know about, maybe even something life changing. But how do you stand out in the crowd among a bunch of other people feeling the same way? One word. Branding.

Have you ever been on Instagram or Pinterest, looking through feeds and boards and profiles and realized that certain accounts seemed to maintain a consistent look and feel, a particular aesthetic throughout their presence? This was not on accident. This is branding.

Create a Consistent Presence and they will learn to recognize you as being consistent.  If every post is different… different colors, different fonts different logos etc., it’s confusing to the viewer and you get lost in the sea of posts. You will be viewed as scattered and inconsistent. If there’s a common thread of colors, fonts , logos, taglines and overall aesthetic running through your posts you send a signal to your viewer that you’ve got it all together, and if you’re branding is on point, I bet the rest is too!


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