Desiree Rose - Social Media Coach

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR TEAM CAN BE EASY WITH THE RIGHT COACH! Stop Struggling to maintain your presence and coach your team too!

Is your audience inspired or annoyed at your messaging? Do they find value in your content?
Are you leaving your social media success to hope and guesswork?
Are you tracking what really matters? Do you know what those numbers truly mean?
Are you really speaking to your target audience?
Are you consistently growing your online community?

Take the guesswork out of your social media plan and put together a strategy that truly works for you and your team.

30 days of access to Social Coach Desiree for your ENTIRE team consists of:

  • Weekly 30-Minute Question & Answer Sessions on topics to help grow a social presence
  • 1 – 45-Minute LIVE Webinar on a social media topic your team needs the most reinforcement on
  • A Private Facebook Group dedicated to social media help

Investment for ENTIRE Team: Email me today to get your customized investment.  Your entire team can help contribute or you can gift this to them as a leader!