branding_matters When you start a direct sales business, you are excited and ready to shout it to the world! You rely on the company’s reputation and graphics to make your presence known. Fast forward to where you are NOW and you know you are ready to take your business to the next level! A place where you are committed to treating your business like a business. BUT, now you realize there are 50,000 or even 100,000 of other consultants doing the same thing, so how do you set yourself apart? Here are 3 ways you can RISE ABOVE THE REST! 3_reasons_to_brand

1- Stand Out in the Crowd

You’re the best. You know your products, your services, your company better than anyone else. You’ve got something people need to know about, maybe even something life changing. But how do you stand out in the crowd among a bunch of other people feeling the same way? One word. Branding. Branding is the way a  person, company or organization consistently presents itself to the public in its choice of graphics, logos, color schemes, fonts, layout, taglines etc. Branding is an opportunity to further express your personality as well as attract people to your opportunity. stand out Branding alone will not be enough, but try running a business without paying attention to your branding and you’re going to struggle. Now maybe you’re just starting out, and you’re thinking, I’ll get to all of that someday. What if I change my mind? Am I ready yet? Let me encourage you in this way. If you’re worried about changing your mind later as you grow into your business, that’s totally fine. Brands evolve. If you’re thinking that you’ll do that when your business gets bigger, that’s the wrong mindset. You need to approach your business decisions from the very beginning as though you are going to achieve all of your goals.  That means branding must be part of your business equation from day 1. Here are some examples of our recent clients!


2- Create a Consistent Presence

Have you ever been on Instagram or Pinterest, looking through feeds and boards and profiles and realized that certain accounts seemed to maintain a consistent look and feel, a particular aesthetic throughout their presence? This was not on accident. This is branding. The ability to gain recognition at a glance is so vital, especially as quickly as social media moves. Branding gives you that power. Create a consistent presence and they will recognize your for branding.   Integrating your brand across your Social presence and printables can be the flow you need to help with consistency!

Create a Consistent Presence and they will learn to recognize you as being consistent.  If every post is different… different colors, different fonts different logos etc., it’s confusing to the viewer and you get lost in the sea of posts. You will be viewed as scattered and inconsistent. If there’s a common thread of colors, fonts , logos, taglines and overall aesthetic running through your posts you send a signal to your viewer that you’ve got it all together, and if you’re branding is on point, I bet the rest is too! Get some branding help if you need it, and start showing up consistently in how you present yourself and your business to the world.

Did I have you at consistency? Ready to get started creating your own brand Schedule your FREE CALL NOW!

Your brand is all about you. Each of these brands here are unique to each person. We work together with you to help understand more about you and how we can bring YOUR specific brand to life!

3- Simplify Social Media

As much as we all enjoy social media, it can become a real pain in the neck if you’re constantly having to create graphics, and you don’t know what they’re going to look like, what colors, backgrounds, textures, fonts etc., that you’re going to use.  Branding puts you in a great position to create social media templates where you’re only changing one or two elements and it’s done! Take a look at this branding. Amy Porter, with Jamberry Nails has a beautiful brand that she has such versatility. The bold jewel tone colors blend well with all kinds of textures. Notice that the textures can vary but the brand consistency is present in each one. Social Squares that we provide for you can really help you with your consistency.

Bonus Reason – Why branding should matter to you!

Here is the #1 reason you need to have your branding in place. When it comes to marketing content most people spend 90%of their time worried about what it will look like and maybe 10% on what they’re communicating and trying to accomplish. Having your branding down means you can focus on what really matters. What am I communicating to my audience? Am I inspiring, educating, promoting or connecting? None of that happens through branding. but if you’re branding is in place you can worry about the most important aspects of your business.   How do you get a personal brand? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Social Coach Desiree to discuss how we can work with you. For scheduling a call you will get $50 off! The form will let us know more about the brand you are excited to create, then lead you to my calendar to pick the perfect date for you. Get started TODAY!