Be a follower of their brand.

If you want to engage with brands on Instagram, you’ve got to start by following them. You’re awesome but they probably won’t come looking for you. And if I’m looking for someone to engage with, who is a true fan of the brand, I’m looking for people who first and foremost follow the brand.

Do your homework on their brand.

What kind of photos do they like? What resonates with them. As much as Instagram is about telling your story, if you want to connect with brands, you’ve got to post what they like. Be a detective and go through their posts. Is there a common trend? Is it obvious they’re looking for a certain kind of post to regram?

Check for dedicated hashtags used by their brand

While hashtags may vary from post to post, many brands will have a dedicated hashtag that they use all of the time. Sometimes it’s a slogan, other times it’s their business name. If you want to get a brand’s attention use their hashtag. Often times hashtags are used by brands for certain campaigns for a period of time. This can be a great way to get noticed by a brand, though a campaign can be time sensitive.

Don’t make your direct sales product the focus!  Subtle is better when trying to attract the attention of their brand

If you’re blatant about your direct sales business when trying to connect with a brand, get regrammed etc., it’s not going to work. There are ways though to subtly feature your product. For example, show off a Charming Charlie necklace, where your nails can be seen (think Jamberry) or lips can be seen (think Lipsense), and Charming Charlie might just give you the engagement and exposure you’re looking for (But don’t forget to follow them, and use the right hashtags). Your product isn’t the focus, but it is in the picture.

Engage with Brands – Comment & Engage

Brands are so accustomed to people taking to the internet to complain, that compliments and positivity most certainly gets noticed. If you want to get on their radar, if you want them taking notice of the posts you make as a genuine fan of their brand in hopes that they will engage and regram, then get out there and genuinely comment and engage with their posts.