5 Ways to Bring Your Facebook Back to Life!

5 Ways to Bring Your Facebook Group Back to Life

Is your Facebook Group dying?  Let’s talk about some ways to bring it back to life!

1- Welcomes!

Welcome new people to your group.  It’s important to acknowledge people and let them know you’re paying attention and that you think they are important.  A quick “Welcome” and tag is a great way to show you care about the people who join your group. Use fun posts like “Show us your view” or “Silly selfie time!”

Acknowledge long time lurkers when they make their first posts, as well!  They want to know that you care about them, too, and are excited to have them participate.

Welcome GraphicP.S. – You can swipe this graphic if you need something quick! (Need graphic help? Check out this training)


2- Give Value

An outstanding, active Facebook group involves more than just product promos.  Get to know what your people are interested in and create threads that allow them to talk about the things that they love!

Find out if they are style fanatics, pet lovers, parents, or TV show junkies, and then figure out how to give them valuable information on those topics.  This builds trust and positions you as an expert they will want to turn to!

3- Ask Simple Questions to Get Them Started

Interaction is the heart of your Facebook group, and you need to give people simple ways to start interacting.  Use easy questions like “Do you prefer this…or that?”  or ask them to vote using the like and love buttons.

Every Episode Quiz

(You can swipe this one, too!)


4- Consider Timing

When are your members active?  It may take several posts to find out when they respond the most, but you want to know if your group has night owls or morning birds.  Even if it’s not on your schedule, make sure you’re posting when they are online and active!

5- Give Back

Don’t post it and forget it.  Every comment is an opportunity to build relationships with your group members.  Be sure to like, comment, and engage on their responses so they know you’re paying attention and you care about their input!

It Takes Time

It’s not an overnight process.  In fact, it will take some time to get your followers to trust that you aren’t just there for the sale.  Treat your group members like friends and let them know you are a real person too, and they will come back again and again!

What is your favorite way to interact in a group?  Do you have a preferred type of engagement thread?  I’d love to hear about it!