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So you want to get the attention of others on social media? Well what you do NOW will have impact for 90 days. Yep, social media is not an overnight sensation for many. There are those that have vial posts but let’s face the facts those are rare, the rest of us work hard to make it happen.

These 5 Tips will help you get more attention.

1- Ask fun and engaging questions.

KISS — Keep it simple sweetheart. The easier the question the more likely people are to answer. Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Android? NFL or MLB?

2- Tell your audience where they can find you.
If you are hoping to have people find you but you have not shared where to look it might be a tad difficult to navigate there right? So put your social platforms in your email signature, share a post on your wall and ask them to share where you would like them to have you follow and list yours too!
3- Join a Facebook group for exposure.
The #ThinkSocial Instagram Rockstars group allows you to share your link on a post DAILY. This is a great way to get exposure to your links and platforms. There are over 4100 people in the group ready to see what you have to offer!
4- Mix it up.
Let’s face it, if you’re only sharing your own blog posts and the odd motivational quote, you are going to *yawn* bore people and they’re not going to engage with you. So mix things up (while staying relevant) with podcasts, Live video, quality images etc.
5- Be worth following
Bring value to your ideal client. Are you only promoting your products or are you helping to make their life better? If you bring value to your audience they will keep following you and even refer you to others.  Create posts that answer the following 3 questions:
What do you do?
What problem do you solve?
How is your product or service different?
Are you ready to make some changes?
Tell me which of these 5 ways are you most excited to implement? Sometimes it is the simple and subtle changes that can make a big difference to your social media. Share one of your links to connect below in the comments!