Use Insta Stories to Give a Behind the Scenes Look of Your Business

As much as you want to present the extra-polished side of you, it’s good to let your followers know that you have a real life, and that your business is something they can do as well. Use Instagram stories to give them a glimpse into your everyday life and what it’s like to run your business.

Use Insta Stories to Offer a Special Discount for 24 Hours

One of the neat features about Insta stories is their natural 24 hour expiration date. This is perfect if your want to run a 24 hour sale for people who view your Insta story. Make sure to use Linktree to give your followers the right link to go to.

Use Insta Stories for Teasers of Your Product

Not only can you use Instagram stories to give your followers a glimpse into your life, you can also give them a peak at your product. Reveal it frame by frame all at once, or add to it throughout the day. You can also direct them to direct message you for your current deal.

Use Insta Stories to Direct to Your Site or Group

Want to drive traffic to your website or group? How you use Insta stories for this tip depends on your funnel. How do you want to control your traffic? Where do you want to send people and why? Are you trying to grow your group where you can work with people more closely? Are you trying to grow your email list so you can build a relationship with them through their inbox? However your funnel is set up, you can effectively use Insta stories to direct your followers and drive traffic.

Use Insta Stories to Offer Product Demonstrations, Tips and Tricks

One of the greatest marketing tools you can have in your arsenal if showing people how your product works and how they can use it to improve their lives. Insta stories give you the ability to concisely show your audience how to use that kitchen tool, apply those nails, organize with that bag or how to use whatever that product might be. Use your imagination, this can work well for any business.