Life Happens!

There, I said it. Of course you knew that already. But sometimes we think only life happens for ourselves, and that other people just “have it all together”. Not quite.

Being a mom who can work from home is great, but it’s not always easy. So many things will try to take up our time, and there are plenty of days when it’s hard to get it all done.

So much so that I, yes the one teaching people about Instagram, may have failed to post for an entire day over the past week. I know, I know.

So what do you do? Life’s not going to get any less busy. So it’s time we all recognize, and remember the basics. Without a plan it’s really hard to be consistent.

And since I’m not one to tell you to do one thing, while I’m doing another this week was a good reminder for me to take a step back, and do the planning that I know how to do.

Without a Plan It Gets Hard to be Consistent

 If you’re finding yourself approaching Instagram or any social media platform with the daily question “Hmm, I wonder what I should post today?” and you truly have no idea, you’re setting yourself up to get burnt out and quit. And that should never happen because, with a plan, it’s totally preventable.

I want to leave you with one the easiest ways begin planning your Instagram posts. A content calendar. A content calendar is exactly what it sounds like. Every day, of every week, you’re given an idea and prompt of what to post. Of course you still have to create your graphics, your copy and your hashtags etc., but knowing what kind of post you’re going to make will never be a guessing game again. You can always create your own, or you can use one like this one that I made.

Hot Mess Conclusion

So some days, you’re going to be a hot mess, but that doesn’t mean your social media has to be! Have a plan and I know you can win.