Selling on Social Media is an accepted practice now, but there are still a lot of gray areas on best practices. If you’re a little confused about the differences between a Facebook Business page vs. group, we’re going to explore the purpose of both.  

Does it drive you crazy when people sell on their personal profiles?  Do you ever go check out a business’s page only to be frustrated because you can’t find the info you want?  Or maybe you joined someone’s VIP Group and were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of salesy-ness they were throwing around?

Don’t worry if you’re a little lost on the best approach for your sales on Facebook!  It’s a complicated and confusing world, I know! Let’s shed some light on the differences between Facebook Groups and Business Pages. I hope this will help you understand how to use Facebook with the most efficiency.

The Big Dilemma: Facebook Business Page Vs. Group?

Today, I want to talk a little about the difference between Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Groups.  These both have a great place in your business strategy, but they are not the same.  In fact, they serve completely different purposes.

Your Facebook Business Page is Like a Storefront

Your Business Page is the very first thing people typically see when they look for you on Facebook! Think of it this way. Someone is strolling down the streets of Facebook and they see a post from your page that someone shares, or an ad that you’ve put up. They pause for a few moments and look at it, and if they like what they see, they’ll click on it.

Essentially, they just saw your storefront, it caught their eye, and they walked in the door. Now, they are in your showroom, hanging out on your business page.

With that idea in mind, visualize your business page for just a moment. Is that the first impression you want people to have of you? If it’s not, then you’ve got some work to do!

Most people who come to your business page for the first time will have no clue that you have a group too.  They won’t know that the main shopping action doesn’t happen on your page, so you’ll need to be very clear about exactly what happens where right away.

Update your cover photo, story, and any pinned posts to communicate clearly with first-time visitors exactly who you are, what you do, and what is expected of shoppers or clients.

Your Facebook Group is Like Your Living Room

Your Group is a lot more like your living room.  It should be more relaxed and lot more personal.

In fact, your group is where the cool kids hang out.  Your best friends, your most loyal shoppers, and clients come here because they know there will be cookies…and lots of community perks!

You should be sharing tips and tricks and lots of insider info that doesn’t make it out to your business page.  You want to do special giveaways, and provide lots of opportunities for people to open up to you and share about themselves so you can get to know your clients better.

Your Business Page is a Funnel to Your Group

Your Facebook page should catch attention and get visitors interested in you and your products.  Because of that, it should be AMAZING and a clear introduction to you and the great benefits that come from being YOUR customer.

Ideally, your business page will be a direct funnel to lead people right into your group where they become lifelong friends and loyal clients!

Curious what kind of things you should be sharing on your business page versus your group?  Here’s a great infographic to help you plan:

Should I create a Facebook Page or a Group for My Business?

Ready to make some changes?  I’d love to hear about what you’re changing up in the comments!

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