Facebook Jail is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for business owners. While Facebook allows us an incredible platform to work our businesses, it also comes with some very unique challenges. 

Navigating the waters of Facebook Jail is not easy, and unfortunately we don’t have an easy, “Get out of Jail Free!” card. The best thing you can do is AVOID Jail time. If you’ve already been on the inside, though, recognize that your account will be more susceptible to getting tossed back in for even the slightest infringements! 

Here are some of the KNOWN TRIGGERS that will get your account thrown in Jail: 

Creating ghost profiles or secondary accounts is a big trigger. So is any kind of selling activity on your own personal profile. Build a strategy that focuses on relationships and engagement first and selling second, and your profile will be much safer!

Does this mean that you won’t ever land in jail? Not necessarily. The combination of posting too fast and posting the wrong types of posts can get you thrown in jail as well.

The types of things you post are just as important as WHAT you post 

If a warning pops up while you are doing something – even if you don’t think you went against any of Facebook’s community standards – immediate stop and take a break from that type of action! If you’d like to learn more about Facebook Jail, here is a list of resources that might be helpful:

Any of these warnings may indicate that you’re in a form of jail! Make sure you educate yourself on Facebook’s policies and TOS so that you can continue to operate in a way that keeps Facebook happy!