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Want to brand your profile photo, Facebook story or allow your audience to as well? Now you can! check this out!

What are Facebook Frames?

Facebook frames let users add text and design overlays to the edges of their images, just like other platforms like SnapChat! People can use frames to express creativity, identify brand, and most importantly, show what they’ve been up to.

Creating a Facebook frame is super easy! You can use or to create a PNG to get you started!

First, you’ll need to create your design. In this example I used to create a simple banner. I used the Etsy Shop template sizing to cover the entire bottom. The image is resizable once you are in the design phase with Facebook.  The key is to use the TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND check box if you want it to be see through on just on top of an existing image.


Once you have the design in hand, open the Facebook Camera Effects home pageClick Create a Frame in the upper-right corner to open the Frame Studio tool.

Once you choose to design a frame you are brought to the design studio area.

Click the upload Art button in the top left corner to bring your art into the frame! Here is the example I created.

Remember where you saved your image from and locate it for upload!

Click the image to select and then use the handles to make it larger or smaller depending on your intent. For this tutorial we are creating a profile frame so the middle image on the right is what you want to use as your guide to ensuring it looks ok on the photo.

Drag the corners to off the screen if you want it to cover the entire bottom of the photo!

Here is a preview of what your artwork will look like on each of the types of locations it can be used. Profile on the left, stories in the middle and frames of stories on the right.


Use a name that others will search for! Also indicate some simple search terms. Use your business page as one or a customized hashtag that your community may be familiar with too! You can list up to 10!

I recommend selecting your Business page for the association NOT your personal profile. One more place for exposure to where you want to funnel customers.

Apply the Frame once it is accepted by clicking on your profile photo then selecting add frame.

Some examples of frames that are already listed.

Consider your audience when creating a new frame. A frame just for you is awesome but what about an awareness frame that you can spread the word about a cause your brand supports or a fundraiser that you are doing in your business! Bonus if your clients do it as a result of an entry to a fun party or event! What do you think you will create first?

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