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Facebook LIVE Comments not showing up?

So many people are experiencing major problems with Facebook LIVE comments not showing up. Many of our LuLaRoe consultants are struggling daily to get them to show up. I have a few suggestions to try and see if it helps. Facebook is making lots of changes to the Facebook LIVE platform right now and those updates are rolling out in waves, it just may not have hit you yet. Always make sure to check the app store for your device to make sure you have the latest update for Facebook.

1- Start the broadcast on a different device.

Try using a desktop, laptop or other device than your phone.  If you can go LIVE and see the comments from another device that means it is the version of the software on your phone that is affected. Be sure to check the device to ensure it is the latest and greatest version.  Also there are other ways to GO LIVE than just hitting the GO LIVE button on the native app of Facebook. Try checking out some of these tools to see if it helps. Each of the ones mentioned have FREE trials to help! Need training on some of these platforms? I got you covered! 

Facebook livetools

2- Try using someone else’s device with your account.

If you have someone else’s device you can borrow to test to see if their app has updated or maybe even has not updated to make this sudden change happen, give it a go! Sometimes it could be a cookies issue with how you are logged in.

cell phone

3- Delete the Facebook App and Reinstall it.

Completely delete the app, power off your phone and then download to reinstall it. This has helped several people to just have a fresh version of the app.

4- Start the broadcast and try a couple things.

Once you start the Facebook Live broadcast and realize you are NOT seeing the comments, let’s try hitting a few buttons. First hit the home button on your phone, this will pause the broadcast for a second but it will reset the framework. Once you have done that click the Facebook APP icon to restart the app and resume the broadcast. This has been handy for LOTS of people.


5- Report your issue to Facebook!

At the top of your Facebook you have a question mark for reporting issues. The more people that report this as an issue the better —


I hope one of these things worked for you. If you have found other ways to make it work please share with us in the comments so we can all help each other. I will keep my ear to the ground if I hear more suggestions and update you. I have also reported it in the Facebook Corporate group that I am a member in. Happy Broadcasting!


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