Authentic Connections with the New Facebook Algorithm

I’ve already shared a little bit about why Facebook’s algorithm updates shouldn’t scare you.  However, I know everyone wants the down low on just what’s changing and why, along with some ways to ensure that you’re still using Facebook in the most effective way possible.

The Facebook Algorithm isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Although those of us who use Social Media daily for our businesses might feel like it’s a cuss word these days, the Facebook algorithm is simply the math behind which posts show up in whose Newsfeed.

That’s it.  Yes, there is some seriously complicated math going on in the background, but the algorithm is not the bad guy.

Here’s how it works:

The average Facebook user has several hundred friends and likes around 100 pages.  Add to that sponsored posts, and this means that there are literally thousands of posts that COULD show up in your feed…so which ones actually do show up?

That’s where the algorithm comes in.

Facebook takes all the posts you could possibly see and arranges them according to how likely you might be to interact with the content.

In the past, Facebook used all sorts of signals to decide who saw which posts.  These signals included things like time spent on the content, when it was posted, how informative it is, how many link shares, etc.

Now, FB’s algorithm prioritizes interaction above everything else, so it shows you posts that you are more likely to comment on, like, share, or reply to other’s comments.  This means that

Facebook will work to show you posts that you are more likely to take an action with because that means you’re actively connecting and participating with your feed rather than passively observing.Click To Tweet

Facebook now prioritizes posts from family and friends over public content from pages because they believe that person-to-person connection brings more value than connection with a brand or page.

As business owners, this means that we need to create an environment online where our clients and customers can interact and connect.  Just because people see posts from friends and family first doesn’t mean that your business posts won’t show up at all.  Actually, if you can get people engaging and talking about you on Facebook, you will show up MORE because your content creates the type of connection that Facebook (and the algorithm) loves!

facebook computer


  • Create content that inspires people to take an action
  • Be real and authentic – brand YOU, not your products

Problems show up when we stop being authentic and real, and become obsessed with numbers.  Social media should always be about connections and relationships.

Join me next time to find out how to create this real, authentic engagement with your Direct Sales or Small Business pages!  In fact, if you’re looking for a place to learn MORE about all social media platforms and get hands-on help every day from me and a whole community of like-minded entrepreneurs, come on over and join the #ThinkSocial Society!