How to Get People who Want to Engage to Follow Your Facebook Business Page

Struggling with engagement since Facebook updated and turned off everyone’s notifications? 

Facebook’s most recent update has everyone scrambling to figure out how to boost engagement back to where it was.  Here’s a quick hack you can use to get the attention of those people who WANT to engage with your business page. Use this when you’re getting ready for a big sale or another event when you want extra engagement.

Get Followers who WANT to Engage with Your Business Page

Did you know that you can invite anyone who has ever reacted to a post (like, heart, sad, wow, laugh, mad) to like your business page?

Anytime you publish content to your page and someone reacts to it, you’re capturing their interaction with your page.  The best part?  Lots of these people don’t like your page already, but they obviously enjoy your content.

Go back through your past lives and highly engaged posts for the last few months and do this:

Step 1: Go to your business page

Step 2: Pick something that has received lots of reactions:

Step 3: Click on the reaction bar

Step 4: On the left side you can tap “invite”

If it says “invited” you’ve already invited them.  If it says “liked” they have already liked your business page.

For the best results, it’s best to be pretty active on your page before and after sending out invites!

That’s it!  Let me know how it goes for you!  

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