Did you know that identifying your ideal clients is one of the most important things you can do for your business?

Did you know that identifying your ideal clients is one of the most important things you can do for your business?Click To Tweet

It’s true.

You MUST know who you’re selling to and who is buying your products or services. Why? Because if you’re not certain who you are trying to reach, you might not reach anyone!

Out of the billions of people in the world, only a small percentage of them will identify with you and your brand. You just can’t sell to everyone! In fact, if you’re just hoping for the best and trying to talk to everyone, you are going to miss the mark altogether.

It’s vital that you know who you are talking to. It’s the difference between throwing out a wide net and hoping you’ll catch that one specific kind of fish you need and spearfishing to target the exact fish you want. I talked about this topic LIVE in the #ThinkSocial Instagram Rockstars Group. You can watch the replay here!

Ask Yourself Who You are Trying to Talk To

Who does your product or service actually help? Women? Men? Families? Moms? Singles? You need to narrow down to a specific group of people so that you can visualize your ideal client.

Visualize ONE person and speak to THAT person! If you are trying to appeal to too many different people, you may end up appealing to no one.

Let me say it this way:

If you are trying to catch the attention of everyone, the chances of you catching the attention of no one are greater!Click To Tweet

Creating an Ideal Client Avatar

You want to create what we call an “Avatar” of your ideal client. This avatar represents that one person who is your perfect customer.

Once you know who your avatar is, you can talk straight to her. You no longer have to throw out generalized phrases and hope to catch her attention.  Instead, you will know exactly what she likes, what she wants, and what she needs.

Get to know where she shops, what her demographics are, the types of restaurants she enjoys. Think about what her hobbies are. What does she read? Which blogs does she like? What are her values? All of this information will help you to tailor your sales approach so that you are speaking her language!

Don’t Talk About Your Ideal Client – Talk TO Her

If you are using the right words, your ideal client will think you are talking TO her. She can identify exactly with your call to action, and it becomes a no-brainer for her to buy from you.


Identifying your Ideal Client

You Might Not Be Your Own Ideal Client!

Your ideal client can be someone completely different from you, who relates to you in different ways!  Make sure you are not assuming your ideal client is someone she’s not.

We tend to pre-judge people on their spending habits because we think they are us – we think they will spend like we do! Don’t disqualify your ideal client by thinking she’s just like you.You need to know who you’re talking to…if you’re not sure who you are trying to reach and are just talking to everyone, the chances are that no one will hear you!

I can’t stress using the right verbiage enough. Think about how high-end retailers market their clearance racks. They don’t even use words like “discount” or “clearance.” Instead of “clearance,” they might have a “seasonal sale.”

Now, think about how a budget retailer markets their clearance and markdowns. It’s completely different. You’ll find the “dollar spot,” the “clearance rack,” and so on.

Why is this? It’s pure psychology. The ideal client of Nordstrom is a very different person from the ideal client of Target, and master marketers understand this. One people want an experience of wealth and the latest trends, while another person wants to know that she is getting the best deal possible.

You cannot reach both of these people with the same language. If you’re not getting the response you want, then you need to change up your terminology! Chances are, you’re not speaking to the right person.

Figure out what benefits and values your services have for your ideal client based on who you know they are.

Don’t Let Your Expectations Limit Your Ideal Clients

Your ideal client may not have millions to spend but be aware of the differences between your budget and her budget!  If we’re pre-judging what we think she will spend, we might be limiting our ideal client’s ability to spend!

On a scale of 1 – 10, how well do you know your ideal clients?  If it’s 1, you have no clue who your ideal client is, and 10 means you’re spot on and know exactly who you’re talking to. Let me know in the comments!

If you scored yourself anything less than an 8, you may want to take advantage of the Ideal Client Workshop!

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