Are you sick and tired of broadcasting on Facebook Live week after week and not seeing an increase in reach, views, comments and followers? I have the solution for you! It is as easy as 3 steps! Yep just three!

As always you want to make sure your audience knows you are going LIVE. So many forget to inform their audience that it is even happening, which is a big mistake. I encourage you to inform your audience, remind your audience then warn them it is about to happen! This process will also help to increase your viewers! Imagine if your audience set time aside to actually plan to watch your LIVE?

Go ahead and get your Facebook LIVE started! FacebookLIVE

Step 1: At the bottom of your screen look for the SHARE button. Click SHARE.
facebook live

Step 2: Slide up the copy link button to reveal the list of your audience that is on your page or group.

facebook live

Step 3: Now you get to start inviting your friends to watch your LIVE!

facebook live

Be advised that this takes time to complete, so I recommend getting others to help you with this so you can focus on your broadcast.

facebook live This is an easy way to get those that may have missed your first notification that you are LIVE and actually send a personal invite to join you for the broadcast.  For those faithful viewers that you know are always on your LIVE this would be the perfect job for them!

Get results! In less than 30 seconds after inviting 25 people 7 people accepted the invitation! Thanks Via Bella Boutique for being my test case! Be sure to check out their shop! Tell them I sent you for the #ThinkSocial special! 

Facebook LIVE

Now that you have the viewers it is time to get busy educating, informing and selling! Be sure to tell use your results below on your viewer counts!  Are you ready to take  your Facebook LIVES up a notch now that you have the viewers? How about adding graphics that can really show your audience about your product and inform them right on the screen! Check out this Facebook LIVE UnCovered Course!