Want to stand out on Facebook?  Here’s a quick way to take your Business Page from okay to awesome!

Create a Stellar “About You” Story

Over on the right side of your business page is a section labeled “Our Story.”  If you haven’t put something there already, it will look like this:

Click on that blank grey rectangle, and this screen will pop up:

There are three sections to fill in:

  • Cover Photo
  • Title
  • About You

Cover Photo

This picture should be colorful and eye-catching, and needs to showcase what you and your business are all about!

Tap “Drag or click to add a photo” if there is nothing there.  If you’re editing an existing story, then click “Edit Story.”

The image size is 1640×865:


Your title or tagline will tell people in a few words what your business is about and should draw them to click “see more” if they are interested in learning about you and what you do.

About You

Next, click “Write something…”

This is where you tell people about your business.  Think of it as telling your story – you’re sharing who you are, and your WHY for doing this business.  Keep it simple, but make sure you include those details that will help people understand what sets you apart from everyone else! 

Include relevant links, like your VIP groups or your website if you have one!

Edit or Publish

You will be shown a preview of what your story looks like, and you can decide to publish or polish it up a bit more.

Once your story is all set up, this is what it will look like:

Now, your business page is ROCKING!!  Anyone who comes by your page can easily access information about you and what you do.  Plus, your page now looks complete and well balanced with that “Story” section all filled out.

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