Who loves a good GIF? Why not use them to gain more attention?

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GIF Me Your Opinion!

Running a poll is a great way to find out what kind of people are hanging out on your Facebook Page!  And Facebook just added the coolest thing ever – animated GIFs Polls!

Now, you can set up a poll and use the power of GIFs to attract attention.  And guess what?  It’s SUPER simple!

Step One – Start a Post

Under “Write Something” at the top of your page select “Create a Poll.”  You may have to click on “See More” to find this option.

How to Select Polls Option

Step Two – Ask a Question, Choose a GIF

Where it says “Ask something,” type in your question.  You’ll see spots to add two different options.  On the far right of each option, there is a place to choose either a photo or a GIF.

Step Three – Find some Awesome GIFS

Under GIF Search, start typing what you’re looking for, and pick the best GIF for your poll.

Do this for both options.

Step Four – Choose the Duration of Your Poll

After you’ve picked your GIFS, you’ll see a button with a clock at the bottom left of the post window.  This is where you can choose how long you want your poll to run for.

Step Five – See Your Results!

As people vote, you can see which GIF is winning.  This feedback can be fun, or it can very useful for your business!

Why should I use polls?

Why should you use polls?  Because people love simple interactions that help them express their opinions.  Also, because you can use your polls to find out what your audience is like!  Discover if they are morning people or night owls so you know when to post your most important announcements.  Find out what they think about your products, drive traffic to your website, and discover their pain points. Remember original graphics are amazing too! You can create them in Canva!

Always use relevant #hashtags in your questions to attract fresh attention to your page.

What do you think about this crazy new trend?  Are GIFS an awesome way to communicate?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  Plus, don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page to see some polls in action!