How to Use Hashtags Every Day

Post Daily

It’s no secret that the key to success on Social Media is consistent posting…But, what the heck do you post every day?  What should you share on your social profiles to keep things fresh and interesting and keep people coming back?

And HOW do you get new people to find you?

Use #Hashtags

There is a handy little tool we like to use called “hashtags.”  In fact, it’s necessary to use hashtags on Social Media channels like Instagram, because hashtags are how people search for new people and new ideas to follow.  Hashtags have become a social phenomenon linking posts on everything from #catsofinstagram to #jenniferlawrence.

In the #ThinkSocial – Instagram Rockstars Group, we post a daily challenge that everyone can participate in.  Using the #ThinkSocial hashtag is a great way to connect with others in the community, which is a perfect way to grow your tribe and connect with others who are like-minded!

Plan Your Content Calendar

Finding something to post every single day on the fly just doesn’t work (Ask me how I know this). You’ll get distracted, the day will go by, you won’t be able to get that perfect shot…a large number of things can go wrong and before you know it, two or three days go by and you lose your social momentum.

The solution?  Plan ahead!  Create a content calendar and set aside a couple of days each month to create your graphics plan your posts.  Include the content of each post, and plan hashtags for each one as well.  That way, it literally takes seconds to copy and paste your pre-planned content and images each day.

As you’re planning your content calendar, create a few categories.  You’ll want to have personal posts so your followers can get to know you, relevant and trending posts such as Holidays, and promotional posts.  You want to spread these out so that you aren’t posting three “about me” posts and then three promo posts.  You’ll want to alternate types of posts.

Once you’ve got your calendar planned, pick hashtags to use with each post!

So, What Hashtags Should You Use?

Besides using #ThinkSocial on all your posts so that we can find your amazingness and follow you, start by using a hashtag for each day of the week. Click To Tweet Here are some popular ones:

Sunday –

#SundayFunday; #LazySunday; #EasyLikeSunday

Monday –

#MoreCoffeePlease; #MotivationMonday; #MakeItHappenMonday

Tuesday –

#TuesdayTip; #TransformationTuesday; #TeachMeSomethingTuesday

Wednesday –

#WorkspaceWednesday; #HumpDay; #WanderlustWednesday

Thursday –

#TBT (Throwback Thursday); #PromoThursday; #TestimonialThursday

Friday –

#FlashbackFriday; #TGIF; #FollowFriday

Saturday –

#SelfieSaturday; #SelfCareSaturday; #Saturdaze

A Few More Hashtag Tips

Check in each month by using #Goals to let everyone know how you’re doing and find out what your followers’ goals are!

Celebrate National Days like National Bacon Day (Dec. 30th).  I mean, who doesn’t love bacon and want an extra reason to celebrate it?  Check out to find upcoming fun days that you can celebrate with your followers.

Holidays are important as well and are great days to run promotions and tap into extra traffic.

What do you think?  Are hashtags overused and pointless, or do they really help build traffic when used properly?  Let me know in the comments!