Do you ever feel like you’re just not being seen or heard? Do you post every single day, and no one responds? You’re lost in the crowd…thousands of others doing exactly what you’re doing, and no one can find you because you blend right in with all the rest.

It’s time to find a way to stand out! I’m here to tell you that it is possible. You don’t HAVE to just be one of many. In fact, there are a few simple steps you can take to make yourself more visible and gain the attention of just the right people.

Here’s how.

7 Ways to Stand out in a Crowd

1. Personal Branding

You’re more than the company you represent. One of the quickest and easiest ways to gve yourself a boost above the rest of the crowd and help your business to stand out on social media is to create a personal brand that shows off your personality and unique strengths.

Nailing your brand voice isn’t always the easiest process, but once you have a consistent brand and logo, you become much more memorable! You will start to shine out above your competition and will begin to attract the people who resonate with you and your message.

If you don’t have a brand already, reach out to the #ThinkSocial Branding Team! We’ve helped dozens of direct sales and small business owners create beautiful brand personalities that truly grab the attention of exactly the right people.

2. Your Social Presence

Social media is, in fact, supposed to be “social.” Crazy, right? I know, you’ve gotta sell your stuff. I am in no way telling you not to!  But…take the extra time to create posts that build engagement. Share quality content that is helpful and educational, not always trying to “sell.”

The people who are positive, upbeat, and allow their personalities to sparkle on their social media are the people who really stand out above everyone else.

Make it all about RELATIONSHIPS. Get to know the people who follow you and let them get to know you too.

3. Always Give More than You Expect to Receive

You can’t skip this step. Go above and beyond what anyone expects and consistently deliver true value. Stop to consider your perspective. Are you just “doing” social media because you have to, or are you acting like a real human?

Be informative, be instructional. Be REAL! Humans help each other and make each other laugh. We have an intrinsic value in just being human. No bot can ever create a realistic human connection, so don’t pretend to be a robot.

Adding extra value to what you do also builds trust, proving that you have something important to share. Do more, be more. It’s worth it.

4. Ask Your Audience What They Want

Don’t be afraid to ask what people want and need from you. If you have something valuable to offer, don’t hold it back! Sometimes you don’t know what they most need until you ask.

People love to give their opinions, so find small ways to give your tribe a voice. This is yet another way to build quality, lasting relationships that mean a lot more than the next “great deal.”

5. Authenticity

If you don’t love what you do, people will figure it out pretty quickly. They can tell when you’re lackluster about your products or even just about selling in general. So make sure you are actually passionate about what you do and why you do it!

There’s just no faking authenticity. People are longing for connections that are deeper than surface level. Here in the 21st century, people are straight up OVER getting things shoved down their throats. If they are in your group, it’s because they WANT to be, and they WANT to be there because of you.

Anyone who is passionate about their product, business, and especially their community is far more likely to be successful.

Author Simon Sinek says it this way: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” There’s nothing more magnetic than the person who loves what they do!

6.  Be Visual

Images are more important than ever now. It’s really true that a picture is worth a thousand words. No one stops to click on your ad because they hated the picture but thought the text was great!

Just stop and look at Instagram – currently the fastest growing social media network. There a good reason for that and it’s because images can tell better stories than words. This is especially true in our busy, busy world where people don’t have time to slow down and read a lot of text.

The appeal of great graphics is in the ability to express an idea or share a tip in a way that catches the eye during the social “scroll.” If your images are amazing, people will slow down just long enough to take them in – and MAYBE even hit the like button!

7. Consistency

The last way to give yourself that extra “something” that will make you stand out is consistency. To put it another way, show up! Post something regularly that your followers can depend on and they will start coming to you for answers when they have questions about your service or products!

Host a weekly Q&A live stream or share daily tips. Maybe a “best of the week” slideshow! Create something that keeps your fans coming back again and again.

Creating a Social Presence that Stands Out

When you go above and beyond the normal – taking yourself outside of what is common and expected, you become unique. The problem with how most people sell their products and services is that they sell their products and services FIRST.

But there are typically hundreds of others out there selling the same products and the same services…so what makes you stand out?

The only way to be different is to brand yourself first, to sell your WHY rather than your WHAT.

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