If you’ve ever been in a coaching session with me, you’ve probably heard me say how important it is to create a powerful “ Call to Action ” – and to use it everywhere! There’s a really good reason why.

Stop and think about the last time you signed up for something. I can almost guarantee that before you signed up, you followed some kind of call to action (also called a CTA).

What is a Call to Action?

So, what is this magical CTA?

Well, it’s that little button, that final sentence that truly “closes the deal.” It’s that special phrase that tells people exactly what you want them to do next.

If you want more email subscribers, more contest entrants, more Instagram followers, you NEED a call to action to get them! Your marketing content should always have a CTA, even if it’s something simple like “tell me what you think.”

The call to action comes at the point after you’ve told your followers all about you, your products or company, and what you have to offer. It’s intended to convince a user to do a specific task, such as signing up for your newsletter or buying a product.

No matter what that task is, your CTA’s job is to inspire the reader to leap into action!

What’s in a Strong Call to Action

It’s not just a “sign up here” button at the end of your Facebook ad. So many people put tons of work into their ads, social posts, or blog posts and forget to focus on the follow-through.

That’s not enough. You need a strong call to action that will convince people to do something.

You want to tell them to do something AND give them the motivation to follow through and do it. It’s okay to use a little bribery here ?.

Know that just slapping on a “buy now” isn’t always enough. You’re probably going to need to provide some additional info so that people are informed about the action you want them to take.

How to craft a strong cta

1. Use a strong command verb to start. It’s important to make it SUPER CLEAR exactly what you want your readers to do. If you want them to click a button, then tell them:


If you want them to sign up for something, then tell them:


Whatever you do, don’t be ambiguous or mysterious about it. That will just get you a whole lot of confused people who click away because they can’t figure out what you want them to do.

2. Use words that provoke emotion, enthusiasm, and excitement. Use phrases like “Buy now 50% off!!” to give them a good reason why they should do what you ask them to do. Make sure it’s very obvious what’s in it for them. Clearly demonstrate the value you are providing.

3. Take advantage of FOMO. People don’t like to miss out! Tell them this great deal won’t last forever and if they don’t act now, they won’t get in on the awesomeness. This is a great motivator!

4. Use creativity – keep it fresh. Don’t be afraid to try new things and if that doesn’t work, try something else!

Think Simple & Effective

Just a couple of words – the right words put together in the right way – can effectively trigger someone to take the action you desire them to take. You don’t have think of the most unique possible way of asking someone to click a button or leave a comment. Just ask them to do it!

Examples of CTA Buttons that have been proven to work time and again:
  • Sign up for Free
  • Subscribe Now
  • Get Started
  • Send Me Special Deals
  • Claim Your Free Trial
  • Learn More
  • Get a Discount
  • Join Now

Yes, This is a Call to Action!

Of course, I can’t leave you without a call to action! If you’re struggling with your social presence and want to learn more about how to be more effective on every platform, Join the #ThinkSocial Society.

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(See how that works? I even snuck in two CTA’s!)

Oh, and there’s one more here:

See how important it is to use Calls to Action? I could have just talked about them, but ultimately, it’s these CTA’s that take everything I’ve shared and tell YOU what to do with it!

Now tell me, what is one of your favorite calls to action?