Memberships Rock - Introducing the #ThinkSocial Society

Let’s talk about memberships.

It seems like everybody’s got one – or in one, right?  So what’s so special about “paying to be in a group?”

Well, here’s the thing.  We live in an online world and there is SO much information being thrown around all the time, and it’s not all good information.  Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to figure out what’s the good stuff when it’s mixed in with all the bad stuff.  So, we create courses to teach you our knowledge.  Courses are cool, but they are limited.  So, we have membership programs.

Membership programs are truly the best way to learn online.  You pay a small monthly fee to be in a highly interactive community setting online where you not only have access to ongoing training, but you also have access to other members.  You can build deeper relationships with them because everyone there has invested in their membership and WANTS to grow.  They are not just warm bodies there for the freebies!

In a paid membership program, you get to connect with others who have a common goal.  You get to share life, your fears, your wins, your pain points.  You get to be uplifted and encouraged in a safe, protected environment.  Memberships are where community happens through conversation and mutual growth.

The #ThinkSocial Society

I created the #ThinkSocial Society to take YOUR social media to the next level.  Everyone knows that if you have a business, you HAVE to have at least some kind of social media presence.  But, the problem is that social media is not an easy game.  It’s complicated and messy, and there are sooooo many different platforms!  It’s downright confusing.

There is so much going on in the online world that it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed.  In fact, it can be tempting to just give up.  Algorithms change overnight, what worked yesterday doesn’t work today, and tomorrow will be a whole new story!

Social media is all about relationships, now more than ever.  And doing business should be about relationships as well.  Let me help you bring them together and build a business that ROCKS!  I’m here to hang out with you, walk you through the process, and share my experience. And I have a pretty awesome team who is here for you too!

Even more amazing than that are the OTHER people who are joining the Society. People just like you, who own their own small business or are a Direct Sales Consultant. Join the #ThinkSocial Society today and find new friends and accountability partners! We are all in this together, so let’s do this!

Want in?  See you there!!