Direct Sales for Facebook

A couple of days ago, we talked about the updates to Facebook’s algorithm and discussed some of the reasons why this is not bad news!

Today, I really want to focus on some ways we can take this new, engagement-centered algorithm and make it work FOR us as small business owners and Direct Sales Consultants.

To recap:

Facebook takes all the posts you could possibly see and arranges them according to how likely you might be to interact with the content.Click To Tweet

So, Facebook’s algorithm wants you to see content that you will click on, like, and (most important) comment on!  That’s the secret.  And it’s gold for small businesses because we NEED people who want to engage with our content because those are the people who will keep coming back and will eventually buy.

Social media is such an incredible tool for small businesses of every kind because we rely on word of mouth to let people know about us and our businesses.  Facebook provides an incredible platform where we can talk about what we do, what we sell, and who we serve in a way that is easily accessible to our ideal clients.  Amazing, right??

So, to take advantage of these new updates here’s what you need to do:

Craft Your Words with Care

This is so important.  Don’t just talk about what you’re selling.  Instead, create posts that communicate value to your customers.  Solve problems for them.  Answer their questions!

Your words really do matter.  Be positive…but be real as well.  Share when you have a bad day so that your followers know you are human too.  Celebrate your wins, and even more important…celebrate your customers’ wins as well!


If you want others to engage with you, you need to be engaging yourself.  Find other businesses that you can engage with and partner with and help them increase their influence by leaving reviews (good vibe reviews!) and sharing or tagging if appropriate.  It’s likely they will return the favor!

Craft posts that encourage engagement.  Ask questions, share advice, post something light-hearted and fun!  Invite your followers to participate by asking for their opinions.  We live in a narcissistic society that loves to share its opinion everywhere and with everyone, so provide a place for opinions to shine!

I particularly love This or That posts where people can share which of two choices they prefer…and a lot of people will tell you why they prefer certain things.  (This can also give you a LOT of insight into your followers!)

Respond to everyone if possible.  This can be difficult as you grow your business, but it’s not impossible.  Leave a genuine, thoughtful response to every comment.

Reward the people who are participating and being a part of what you’re doing!  No one HAS to participate, but if they invest and get something back out of it, then they will grow with you.

If Engagement is King…then Comments are the Emperors!

I’m always saying that engagement is King, and that is still the truth.  It will always be the truth.  But the type of engagement that rules them all is commenting.


Be yourself unapologetically. Your passion comes through when you allow yourself to be YOU wholeheartedly and unashamedly!!

Bonus Tips on Becoming More Authentic:

  1. Be Inviting – create the perfect, welcoming atmosphere for people to join your community! Welcome them into your real life via social media.
  2. Become Approachable – when people know, like, and trust you, they are more comfortable asking you questions!
  3. Showcase Your Real Life – We don’t live in a Highlight Reel…Really great photos are amazing and perfect and wonderful but don’t be afraid to show off your real life. Your toddler drew on the couch with a Sharpie?  Take a great photo and let everyone know that real happens to you, too.
  4. Have Passion – If you’re feeling forced when you sit down to plan your content, then you’ll miss the mark. Make sure you’re planning to showcase your passion, not your business.
  5. IF you’re being genuinely authentic, you’re speaking to your ideal client!! Identify the problems that affect the life of your ideal client and find ways to share solutions before they even know they have a problem.

Lack of Authenticity Leads to Burnout

If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, it becomes a chore.  Making sure you’re being authentic and true to yourself can help avoid burnout because you will be working from your passion, not from a sense of duty.

Review Your Analytics for Help

Your page and group insights can help you see which type of content gets the most engagement.  This matters a lot!  Another that really makes a difference is WHEN content is posted!!  Want a deeper look into how Facebook insights work and what they mean?  Join the #ThinkSocial Society for training on how to understand your group and page insights, along with SO much more!