How to work SMARTER not HARDER in your direct sales business on social media!

Getting a jumpstart in the new year after downtime from the holidays can be a struggle.  We’re being real here, right?  You ate too much, tried not to get annoyed at extended family, and just didn’t get everything done that you wanted to.  If you’re like me, you may have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season (mostly love, of course).

Maybe you took some time off during the holidays and now your business is an uphill battle.  Your to-do list keeps growing, and you just feel like you need to create some sort of plan.  Does it feel like you now have to sacrifice your life and your sanity to get your business back on track?  Give up all the things you want to do just so that you can have a successful business?

I have good news!  There is NO reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds.  Yep, you can actually keep your business on course AND get a STRONG start to the NEW YEAR!


Time blocking is a great way to rock your schedule and take control of the things you need to do every day to be successful.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Ugh, been there, tried that, made it for a whole day…”  However, time blocking doesn’t have to be a miserable habit.  It can be enjoyable and effortless.

Here’s How:

1. Write out your ideal, time blocked day. In a perfect world, what would your day look like? Map it out, dream about what you really want. Don’t worry about how to make it happen just yet. We’re getting the end goal in mind and creating a vision.

2. Start with ONE BLOCK. Yes, you heard me. Pick one task you do daily in your business, and then set a time for it. Limit your FB group browsing to 30 minutes, or write content for 1 hour, or respond to messages for 15 minutes. ONE THING. Do that for a few days.

3. Then, add ONE MORE BLOCK using the same steps.

4. Keep adding JUST ONE BLOCK every few days, until you’ve effectively time blocked your whole work day!

Trying to do everything, all at once, without any practice is like trying to win a figure skating competition when you’ve gone skating one time before… and you had to use a chair.  Seriously, take it one step at a time and before you know it, you will be in control of your schedule!

If you are thinking you can take the month off, or that Januarys are typically slow months, I assure you that what you do right now will affect your business for the next 90 Days. Don’t stop. Find a new way to make it work.

Start now – TODAY – and you will begin to make the changes that will have your business ROCKING in the New Year!

Just think how adding a few time blocks in your calendar and how it will change your business!